My Review of a Blogger.

In this blog post I will be discussing Margot Lee’s ‘To: College Seniors’ where she writes to all seniors around the globe touching on the subject of Covid-19. I enjoyed this post immensely, because it really shows light on the way graduating seniors may feel during this tough time. I felt like this was a very good post to get the point across to listen to what is being said to do about Covid- 19: social distance, quarantine and avoid big groups. She touches on having to pack up in the blink of an eye, and how this feels to her and everyone in a graduating class. Margot’s advice to seniors:

Covid-19 effects all the seniors who are graduating because they are missing out on their last events as a senior with schools across the globe being cancelled. I enjoyed how Margot lee touched on the fact that this is as much of a pandemic as an infodemic, and this is why there is such a high anxiety level on society right now. The unknown is scary and she is completely correct by saying the anxiety is very intense right now, because we don’t know how long this will last, the severity and so much more. She discusses the challenges as a freshman and how you get through them and this is just another challenge to get through, and this was probably my favorite advice from her post. Here is a link to Margot Lee’s blog post touching on Covid -19: Margot Lee’s Blog Post.

I absolutely loved when she encouraged her readers to donate to Covid-19 relief. This is essential for people to encourage, because help is greatly needed. The nurses at hospitals are at a shortage of masks, and any donation anywhere in this time would be beneficial to everyone going through this. I feel like not enough people encourage positivity right now, because it is such a dark scary time but she did a great job showing some positivity through her post. Here is the charity navigator that she linked on her website and I wanted to link here: Charity Navigator. Do some good during this time help someone out and stay positive through the struggle. We will all get through this and be thankful when it’s all over.

A quote I have been living by during this time:

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